How To Get Content Ideas For Your Business?

Whether running a blog, a social media page, or a business website, creating quality content is essential to attract and retaining an audience.

However, coming up with new and engaging ideas for your content can take time and effort, especially if you’re not a natural-born writer.

With so much content already available on the internet, it can be challenging to create something that stands out from the crowd. 

In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks on how to get content ideas for your business that will keep your readers engaged and coming back for more. 

You will learn about the best sources for getting new ideas for your business, and the options won’t ever end. 

Why Is Content Important For Your Business Website?

How To Get Content Ideas For Your Business

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust, which drives revenue”. — Andrew Davis

Before you use any new content ideas, you need to be clear about the purpose of creating content. Recent stats reveal that 69% of the earth’s total population uses the internet (2022), which is 4.9 billion active users. It won’t be wrong to say that all kinds of people use the internet. 

So, all kinds of brands can find and reach the target audience quickly through the internet, which would otherwise be difficult. For this reason, every big or small brand tries to create an internet presence to reach people. 

Creating content primarily aims to attract the right audience for your brand’s website. By right audience, we mean people interested in your products or services. 

Gradually, brands get leads from their website, which can convert sales-driving revenue. At the same time, it builds a good reputation for a brand online. As a result, a report from Forbes revealed that 71% of businesses would have a website in 2023.

After understanding why it’s essential for brands to use good content, let’s tell you about the different sources for content ideas. 

Use Content Idea Generators And Research Tools

How To Get Content Ideas For Your Business

If the internet poses any problem, it has its solution too. So, if you need more new content ideas, several research tools and content idea generators help you develop new and relevant content ideas. The following is the list of best content idea generator tools that are: 

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

How about getting one week’s blog topics in advance?

If you want it, then the Hubspot blog topic generator can be your best partner. You must enter a noun and get a week’s blog topics in advance. So, you will always have blog ideas for your business website. 

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Are you looking for a tool that helps you filter topics by social metrics? 

For that purpose, Ahrefs content explorer is the best choice. You should enter a topic and choose an SEO or social media metric to find the ideal issues. You can find topics based on their traffic value, social shares, word count, platform, domain rating, etc. However, it is a paid tool with multiple plan options. 

Portent Content Idea Generator

Are you looking for a simple tool to find a topic instantly? 

The Portent content idea generator is the best tool for beginners. You need to enter a topic, and you will instantly get a blog topic for it. It is easy to use and offers quick results for free. 


Do you want a tool that helps you with trending topics for your brand? 

Buzzsumo needs no introduction to content marketers. It helps to know about the most famous content in any niche instantly. Besides blogs, it also searches across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. Moreover, it will show you the Study shares, links, and trends over the last five years. But it is a paid tool. 

Using Forums And Sourcing Platforms

Why don’t you research the public queries yourself to get content topics for your brand? There are several online forums where people share their questions and queries from different niches. So, you can find the trending topics in your niche from that platform yourself. They are as follows:


Want to know about the questions people have in your niche? 

Quora is a one-stop destination where people put their questions regarding anything online. On the other hand, other people or experts who know about it can answer those questions. 

You can use quora to find out about the questions people have in your niche and use it as a content idea. Different categories include travel, tech, fashion, lifestyle, medical, etc. Just join your place and start exploring.


Do you want to know people’s views and whether others like them? 

If so, you must try Reddit, which is mainly used in the US. The people create and promote content on Reddit, and the discussion on this social forum continues. Moreover, other users vote on it. 

So, you can get loads of topics in the subreddit and analyze their votes to know their popularity. You can enter by just typing a keyword and getting countless content ideas. 

Facebook Communities And Groups

Want to get ideas in your niche from a platform with 2.9 billion monthly active users?

Facebook is the most used social platform globally, with 2.9 billion users. So, you must pay attention to using this site to get new content ideas. 

Several communities and groups are formed by people with participants from around the world. These groups are based on different niches or issues. Consequently, people have discussions or share posts on it. You can join them to get content ideas for your industry too. 

Ask Your Audience

Why not ask the people about what content they want to view? Since your content will be for your target audience, you can ask them for ideas too. 

Stats reveal that more than half of the world’s population (59%) use social media. You can use this medium to interact with your audience and ask them for content ideas. 


Twitter is a microblogging site where people post and share short-form content. So, you can create polls and analyze their results to know about the views or people. 

It will tell you the ideas relevant to your customer or reader’s need to create valuable content. Moreover, you can follow your competitors and scroll through their content for ideas. 

Twitter Users: 368 million Monthly 


Instagram is another social media platform with various features to get content ideas from your followers. For instance, it has filters, video posts, Instagram stories, story highlights, Instagram Stories videos, Instagram live, AR filters, and IGTV to share different forms of content. 

So, you can follow your competitors, get DMS or hold ask sessions with your followers to get content ideas. 

Instagram Users: 229 million Monthly 


Linkedin is a social media site for users for professionals. It is the best site for networking among professionals from different industries. Consequently, you can read and get content ideas from other top professionals in your industry. 

Linkedin Users: 740 million users 

Learn From Industry Peers

Apart from using the tools and asking from your audience, you can learn from industry peers who have been creating content for a long time. How? Let’s see.

Blog posts

Go through the blog posts of leading businesses from your industry. They have mines of content and articles on their website for their customers. Deep dive in through them and compile a list of content ideas for your business. 


Talking to influencers and successful people from your niche industry may benefit you in finding some ideas about what people need. Ask them a few questions and listen to them. Even their interview can be your content.

Newsletters And Updates

Remember to update yourself on your niche industry if you’re into business. Regularly update yourself on what’s happening around you. 

For this, subscribe to industry newsletters that inspire you to create better ideas.

Watch Industry YouTube videos

After Google, YouTube is the world’s second most search engine platform. You can see videos from your industry, like how-to videos, trending videos, etc. Discover the comment section, and you’ll find what people are discussing. Isn’t it a better option for generating content ideas for your business?

Use Data and Analytics

Trust data more than instincts when it comes to content ideas. Data and Analytics are the accurate figures that tell you about your content’s performance. It plays a crucial role in making content strategy and content marketing. 

Eventually, it improves the business by gaining the knowledge you can use for further improvements. So, why not take content ideas from it? Let’s tell you how to do it. 

Use Google Analytics

Google is the best and most valuable data analyst for any business. You can explore through in-depth details like top-performing blogs, demographics, ranking pages, keywords, etc. You don’t need to pay even a single buck for it. 


One more analytics tool, Ubersuggest, is well-known among content creators. All you need to do is put in any keyword and click on search. Now click on “content ideas” on the left sidebar. 

And you will see long and detailed information about content ideas of entered keywords. You can search a maximum of up to three keywords only. If you need more, you need to pay.

Some Important Points To Remember

  • Only create relevant content for your business.
  • Read, think, and analyze what your customer wants
  • Listening to your customers makes you aware of what people love to read.
  • Read comments on the social media and blog section of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create content for your business?

You can define your brand, decide on the target audience, and create a strategy with content ideas to create good content for your business. It can be a blog for websites or social media posts.

How to make good content?

Some techniques to make good content are using data, fact-checking, considering the target audience, using visuals or examples, and taking quotes from experts. 

How do you generate content ideas for your business?

You can use content ideas generator tools like Buzzsumo, Portent, HubSpot, and Ahrefs or forums like Quora, Reddit, or Facebook groups to get content ideas. Also, you can ask your audience from Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the kind of content they need to offer value to them. 

Summing Up 

You will have learned about several ways to get infinite content ideas for your business. Here are the ways we have learned so far:

  • Content ideas generator tools like Buzzsumo, Portent, Hubspot, and Ahrefs.
  • Forums like Quora, Reddit, or Facebook groups to know what people are discussing.
  • Ask your audience from Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Take help from blogs, interviews, newsletters, and YouTube videos.
  • Tools like Google Analytics and Ubersuggest give you ideas from analytics. 
  • Host webinars and tutorials, Conduct surveys, or organize brainstorming sessions with team members.

Using these ways, you can generate top-notch content for your business.

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