Lucknow-based Influencers With Organic Engagement

Need More Eyes On Your Fashion, Beauty or Lifestyle Brand in Lucknow?


In a sea of endless scrolling, it’s getting harder than ever to capture attention and connect with your ideal customers.

Introducing Trectoid – your partner for explosive growth through influencer marketing. We help ambitious brands stand out and win over the vibrant Lucknow market — because we’re Lucknow-based, we know the ins and outs of the market here.

Influence The Youths of Lucknow

Our Influencer Marketing Solutions

Step 1: Influencer Discovery and Management

  • Identify and vet Lucknow’s top fashion, beauty and lifestyle creators
  • Build and nurture long-term influencer relationships
  • Negotiate win-win partnerships that convert

Step 2: Content Creation and Execution

  • Ideate creative content that resonates with your target audience
  • Collaborate closely with influencers on storytelling and production
  • Seamless campaign execution from briefing to publishing

Step 3: Strategic Planning and Influencer Marketing

  • Engineer data-driven influencer strategies tailored to your goals
  • Define the right KPIs to track and demonstrate clear ROI
  • Choose influencers precisely mapped to your niche and target segments
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Step 4: In-Depth Analytics and Campaign Reporting

  • Transparent measurement of what matters most to your business
  • Detailed reports uncovering engagement, leads and conversions
  • Continuous optimization based on performance insights

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