What Are Backlinks in SEO? 6 Tricks to Get Good Backlinks

Do you know 66.31% of pages on the internet have no backlinks? However, those pages can still improve their SEO and gain online traffic. 

It implies that they depend on strategies to gain backlinks for SEO from other websites that fare much better. 

There is a myth that backlinks are not relevant in 2024. But, in reality, the changing algorithms of search engines still emphasize backlinks for SEO.

For this reason, backlinks are essential in digital marketing strategies for creating a better online presence by appearing in the top search results of your industry online. 

In this article, we will tell you more about backlinks, why backlinks are important, the kinds, and the best ways to get good backlinks for your website. 

What are Backlinks in SEO? 

Backlinks in SEO

Let us tell you backlinks in SEO in easy words.

Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. For instance, if you see a link to another website on any article or blog you read online is a backlink to that website. 

The algorithms of Google and other search engines consider a backlink as a ‘vote’ or sign of reliability for that website. For this reason, different websites work on strategies to gain more and more backlinks for themselves. 

As backlinks are considered a mark of a nod to your website content, they are essential for SEO. The goal of backlinks is to connect your website with others where people in your industry promote your website.

So, high-quality links and relationships can enable your website to become famous and rank higher. After telling you about backlinks, let us tell you about different types of backlinks in SEO.

What Are the Different Kinds of Backlinks in SEO? 

Depending on your kind of website, there are various backlinks in SEO. Let’s tell you about some of them:

Backlinks in SEO
Sr. No. Name Description 
1.Comment backlinksIf you comment on a blog article, it permits a link back to your website. It is often spammed that can create bad links. But organic comments on good quality blogs enhance its traffic. 
2.Badge backlinksWebsites often create badges to award other companies for their excellent work, which creates badge backlinks. 
3.Acknowledgment links If a company makes a gift or supports an industry event, other sites acknowledge it through acknowledgment links. 
4.Free-Tool backlinks Many times you would see sites offering some free tools. It can be a great way to get attention and backlinks, known as Free tool backlinks.
5.Relationship-based backlinksWhen companies have good relations with webmasters or journalists, they often mention their websites in their work. They are known as relationship-based backlinks. 
6.Foundation Links The links that form the base of your backlink profile are known as Foundation links. It symbolizes essential and stable connections that are important for your website. 
7.Contextual backlinks The links in a website that are relevant to its content are known as contextual links. They are often found within the website’s text, images, or videos. 

These are the most common kinds of backlinks in SEO found on websites. Consequently, let us tell you how to get these backlinks for your website quickly.

6 Easy Tricks to Get Good Backlinks

There are different ways to get backlinks for your SEO, like buying backlinks for SEO or gaining them organically. But some of them are useful while others are not. Let’s tell you about 6 easy tricks to get good backlinks in SEO. 

1. Guest Blogging 

When you write blogs for other websites to publish, it is known as guest blogging. It is the most popular way to earn backlinks from those websites to your websites in return for your guest blogs. 

While writing the blog post, you can paste the link to your website in the body or place a link in the author’s bio for it. It helps to get high-quality, relevant links. Moreover, it is a chance to establish relations with other blog owners.

Guest blogs bring traffic to your website’s homepage and help grow your email list. However, getting your blogs published on prominent blogs in the industry with good traffic takes a lot of work. 

2. High-quality Content Creation

Among all the other strategies, High-quality content naturally attracts links, building backlinks. It is an excellent way of generating backlinks as it does not require much effort.

For instance, if you search for the best fashion blogs online, you will find a list of the top fashion blogs with their backlinks. It implies that the excellent content of those blogs got them a mention in the list and a natural backlink.

You need to look for good topics and create helpful, unique, and SEO-friendly content with accessible language that doesn’t fail to impress others. Also, adding fresh content regularly on your website helps it. 

3. Use Quora 

Quora is one of the best forums for building backlinks for your website. It has a user-friendly interface and inclusive community where people put different types of questions and answers. 

The platform gets good engagement from its users, which helps to get backlinks. Quora has more than 300 million users, and you can communicate directly with people who are more interested in topics of your industry than reaching them. 

When you connect and solve queries related to your industry, you can add links to your website. So, when people read the answer and want more helpful information, the link will bring them to your website.

4. Build Broken Links

You might often come across resource pages on a website listing helpful links. On those pages, you might see that some of the links are broken. It means they show a (404) page error. It can be a benefit to create a backlink. 

Check resource pages with such defective links in your industry can be done using various online tools. Next, you can let the curator of that page know about that broken link and give a replacement, including the link to your resource guide. 

So, when you help that webmaster to fix errors on their website, it can help to increase your responses by building broken links. 

5. Promote Infographics

Brands and bloggers often use infographics to generate website traffic and links. Also they are even shared on social media sites. Sometimes these infographics work well, while sometimes, they don’t. 

You can make it work by promoting infographics from a list of people who do early promotion. You can begin by partnering with publishers. It will bring good reach for content with easy backlinks from the promotion. 

To make good infographics,  you can search online for trending, and new infographics posted online and work on similar topics. 

6. Use Podcasts 

Businesses often use podcasts to reach a wider audience. For link-building purposes, podcasts can be helpful in two ways. Either create your podcast or interview industry experts that bring good reach and natural links from them. In other chances, you can give interviews in popular podcasts from your niche. 

It is similar to getting backlinks from guest blogs. But podcasts are a new thing, and they can also help get good email pitches. At the same, it is helpful for good networking with industry people. 

Summing Up

Every website works on SEO strategies to get a good search result rank and reach for your website.

Consequently, along with other elements, backlinks in SEO can be a significant boost to your website that gives a kind of validity from other websites. There are different kinds of backlinks like contextual, comment, badge, acknowledgment, free tools, and foundational backlinks. 

The six tricks mentioned above can help your website get quality backlinks, like high-quality content, guest posting, podcasts, building broken links, or using Quora. These tricks will ensure that your website gets ranked in the upcoming new year.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is a Backlinks Service? 

Backlink services help you to get more backlinks to your website from industry-leading domains. Backlinks are a vital feature used by search engines for determining the quality of a website that can bring an excellent ranking to your website. 

What Are Foundation Backlinks?

Foundation backlinks are links that are built, never to be changed. Their name is the foundation or a base that supports a website. 

What Are Contextual Backlinks?

Contextual backlinks are links embedded in the body of an article or blog that are relevant to the content. 

What Are Comment Backlinks?

When you comment on any blog or article, you get an option to put your website URL. It can help you indirectly increase traffic. However, not all websites allow comment backlinks.
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