How To Create A Company Profile on Google

Here’s an interesting fact: 64% of people use Google My Business to find contact details of local businesses.

One of the most valuable resources for local businesses and their digital marketing team is Google Business Profile (Google My Business).

Google Business Profile is essential for any local business, online or offline, because it lets you interact with your consumers on Google Search and Google Maps. And in this guide, you’ll learn how to create a company profile on Google in 7 steps.

As per Google reports, there are more than five billion monthly searches for eateries, three billion for hoteliers, one billion for clothes shops, and another 600 million for beauty and hair parlors. These reports show how important it is for local businesses to have a solid online influence.

Let’s begin creating your profile and win more leads for your business.

What Is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a free tool that lets small businesses publicize their company information on Google Search and Maps. With Google Business Profile, you can interact with your consumers, share company profile updates, and monitor how they engage with your company on Google.

You can raise your profile’s popularity across all Google products by creating this profile for free. Your business’s profile information can also be listed in Google services like Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.

If your business has a Google Business Profile, potential customers can quickly locate you and contact you to discuss their needs.

Why Is Creating a Company Profile On Google Important?

The Google My Business profile is a vital resource. It’s an excellent way for your company to connect with its demographic and a great resource for existing and potential customers. If you don’t create a Google Business Profile for your company, you could be costing your company sales, publicity, and money.

There are many reasons why your company should have a Google Business Profile. Some of the examples are as follows:

Feature Your Company Online (On Google)

You can use Google Business Profile to provide all the relevant details a potential client might ask for. You can promote your company status, opening hours, working days, contact information, and location. As a result, your clientele knows where and how to contact you.

In addition, you can attract new customers by showcasing your business’s identities and values through photos, videos, and product options.

Creating A Google Business Profile Is Free

When marketing your business online, there’s nothing better than a free resource, which is why Google Business Profile is crucial. Create a Company Profile on Google for free, whether you’re a brand-new or established company.

The Google Business Profile platform is not a premium subscription. Because there are no pricing tiers or other restrictions, you can access the same features as your competitors.

Earn Your Consumer’s Trust through Ratings And Reviews

Consumers can leave reviews and ask questions directly on your Company Profile on Google. By responding to these inquiries and reviews, you can turn your customer’s negative experiences around and earn their trust.

Plus, you can ask people who have liked and seen your profile to write a review. When you have more positive reviews, potential customers will have a much easier time deciding whether to make an online purchase or visit your store in person.

How To Create A Company Profile On Google?

Having learned the marketing benefits of a company Profile on Google, you may wonder how to set one up. Here are Google’s recommendation about how to create a company profile on Google. 

Step #1: With Your Google Account Signed-in, Begin Creating Your Profile

Ensure you’re signed in with the right Google account. Then visit this link to start creating a company profile for your business.

Step #2: Type In the Name Of Your Company

Make sure your name is spelled right and that you use Title Case. Your company’s name is the first thing a customer sees, so ensure there are no typos.

How To Create A Company Profile on Google

Step #3: Choose Whether Your Company Is A Storefront Or A Service Provider

In this step, you can select whether you want customers to come into your storefront, if you work remotely, or prefer that consumers not come to your office.

Step #4: Choose Your Primary Company Category

Defining your primary category is crucial because it will determine when and where your company will appear in Google searches. 

Google prioritizes results that are most relevant to users, so if someone is looking for a “Mexican Restaurant,” but you are a Pizza Hut, you may not appear in the search results. Customers are more likely to see your company profile in search results if they use phrases like “pizza hut near me” or “pizza near me.”

Step #5: Type In The Address Of Your Company

On this screen, you’ll type the address of your company so Google can make sure it’s real. This address can not be a standard PO Box or a mailbox at a business like a UPS store or postal annex. Also, each residence can only have one company.

Step #6: Add Your Website And Contact Number

Be aware that Google keeps tabs on both phone calls and website clicks, so it’s essential to double-check that your contact information is accurate there.

Step #7: Verify Your Company Profile Listing (Probably With A Postcard)

As per Google, you must verify your company listing for Google to allow you to manage the information about your company that appears in Google Maps, Google Search, and other Google properties. 

By completing the verification process, you can ensure that only you, the company owner or manager, have access to your company’s information.

Five Ways To Verify Your Listing

  1. Phone: Google will call or send you a text message with your verification code.
  2. Email: Your verification code will be sent to you in an email.
  3. Postcard: A postcard with your verification code will be sent to the address you gave when you signed up.
  4. Making a Video: Make a video that proves where your company is, what equipment you have, and that you are an authorized manager.
  5. Live Video Calling: Present the same evidence as in the video recording, but this time live video call with a support agent.

After verification, your company profile on Google will be visible in Google Search & Maps.

Step #9: Personalize Your Profile

Put in your opening hours, working days, preferred contact methods, a brief description of your company, and some photos to personalize your profile.

You can also create Google Ads, view analytics, manage reviews and messages, and more – right from this dashboard.

How To Optimize Google Business Listing In 6 Easy Ways?

After learning how to create a company profile on Google, optimizing it would be the next step.

If you want to maximize the marketing potential of your Google business listing, you need to do more than just registration. A business with an up-to-date profile is more likely to appear in Google’s Local Pack. 

Here are 6 ways that’ll help your company achieve the highest possible ranking and make the best possible impression on Google Search and Google Maps:

Complete Your Company Profile

If you want potential customers to feel confident in doing business with you, make sure your Google registration is in order. In addition to the standard details like opening hours, contact Info, and services offered, you can add others, like a way to set up appointments in advance.

Post High Quality And Professional Photographs

Add some good-quality photographs that will entice your potential consumers. If you want to give your stores or products an edge over the competition, it’s worth it to invest in professional photography.

Highlight Your Special Offers Or Discounts

A Google business listing is a chance for your company to shine in the digital world. To stand out from the other sellers, you should highlight unique benefits and discounts in the description.

Maintain Consistency

Google examines your information data against other online business sites and gives your company a higher ranking if everything fits. Maintaining the consistency of the company information and the spelling of the products or services you are offering online is a good idea.

Communicate With Customers

You can communicate directly with potential consumers and respond to their reviews using the messaging feature of the Google business management tool. Active profiles have a higher chance of moving up in the rankings.

Use Local SEO

Your Google business registration will be more visible to potential customers if you utilize local SEO on your website. Find highly concentrated keywords, add them to the titles, descriptions, and related content, and focus on the local area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Free To Make A Company Profile On Google?

Yes, creating a company profile on Google is free. You can create a profile for your business for free, then use Google Search and Google Maps to manage it and start getting more consumers.

Do I Need An App To Make A Profile And Manage It?

You can manage your business profile using the Google Maps app on your mobile and you can also control it directly from a desktop browser.

How Do I Verify My Company Profile?

You can verify your company profile through phone, SMS, or via requesting a postcard from Google.

Why Do I Have To Verify My Company Profile?

Google can ensure that you are the rightful owner of the company and thus gives you access to your company profile on Google after verification. Google values your privacy and won’t allow anyone to adjust your profile except you or your authorized managers.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to create a company profile on Google in easy steps. Remember to optimize your profile for better visibility and gaining more leads.

Maintaining awareness of market and industry trends is essential for any business that hopes to thrive. Most people today prefer digital alternatives, such as online stores, online education, and working remotely. 

To avoid losing prospects, take charge of your company’s online reputation and create your Google Business Profile with the help of this article.

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